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Filipe Balestra

Filipe Balestra is a holistic designer, urban developer and founding partner of Urban Nouveau. Since the group’s formation in 2008, Filipe has refined an intuitive and strategic approach to design that has led to a range of innovative business development concepts in the fields of real estate, construction, urban design and projects led by public participation in countries around the world, including Brazil, India, Portugal and Sweden.

Filipe studied at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland and at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and trained with leading Dutch architects Neutelings-Riedijk and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, where he participated in the realization of groundbreaking projects including Hermitage Museum extension in Saint Petersburg, the Jeddah Airport in Saudi Arabia, the White City Masterplan in London, the Baja Masterplan in Mexico, DE Rotterdam Towers in The Netherlands and the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing.

Filipe is the creative and business development director of Urban Nouveau and is based in Stockholm. He also heads up the international arm of the business.