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Sara Göransson, CEO

Sara Göransson is an architect, building engineer and founding partner of Urban Nouveau.

After gaining practical experience of biologic construction in Östersund and one year learning Design and Construction Management at the University of Greenwich in London, Sara’s interest shifted towards architectural design.

She attained the Andrew Grant Progress Award during her Bachelor of Architecture at the Edinburgh College of Art and pursued her interests in training with VMX in Amsterdam before completing her Masters in Architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Sara’s diploma work, Local Act-Global Change (LoGlo) from 2006, is a contextual social study on how issues of social integration can be transformed into solutions for growth, using Stockholm as a case study. Local Act-Global Change received a Bygg Opus award and has became the basis for Sara’s approach to her career.

As the CEO of Urban Nouveau AB, Sara, who is based in Stockholm, focuses on the group’s Swedish projects.

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